GDPR is coming on 25th May 2018 and is changing how organisations manage and process personally identifiable information.

If you are auditing your current processes and you are worried about the risks around print, scan or document retention there are steps you can take which will help

  1. Secure your Print System by stopping unwanted printouts with Secure Print Release
  2. Develop Policies to Protect Printed Documents including watermarks for traceability
  3. Develop Policies to secure Network Scanning including Active Directory authentication and integration with existing back office systems
  4. Use PDF Software which allow you to search for and/or redact personally identifiable information
  5. Digitize and index your data enabling you to store, find and catalogue the personal data retained by your organisation
  6. Develop one central secure digital data repository to simplify the monitoring and management of personal data
  7. Create digital workflows to ensure compliance for consent, subject access requests, right to be forgotten requests and data breaches

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10 need-to-know facts about GDPR

There are some key General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) features and changes that you should know about.  Follow the link to find out the 10 key facts as we see them.


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