The New KYOCERA Toner Provides Three Benefits

Energy Savings

Realise low temperature fusing using thin shell structure
The new toner from KYOCERA has been developed by a unique production method.
The toner is structured with a thin shell around the sharp melting core.
This enables both low-temperature fusing and long-term stability, contributing to energy saving performance.

Low fusing temperature contributes to energy savings
The toner fusing process consumes approximately 70% of the total energy consumption in both MFPs (multifunctional products) and single-function printers.
The new KYOCERA toner can fuse at 30 ℃ less than that of the conventional products.
As a result, the total energy consumption could be reduced up to half with this toner compared to the previous systems.


New production method for toner
The new KYOCERA toner has a thin shell outer layer produced by a unique chemical production process.
It is important to remember that no organic solvent and only a limited volume of water is required in this process.
Thus, KYOCERA is minimising the environmental impact from the production process all the way to the customer’s environment.

Vibrant Image

Vibrant image by enlargement of color reproduction space and uniform toner layer
Smoother image representation is possible thanks to uniform toner layer forming.
We could enhance colour reproduction specially in cyan (blue) area, due to a change of toner colouring material.

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