Document Retrieval

What happens if you cannot find a document when you need it? Calvert design solutions to make the saving and searching of your key information simple so approved users can find the latest version of the information they need in seconds from any location

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Find Documents Faster

Information is the lifeblood of your organisation and is crucial to decision making. By saving all documents digitally, your team can find key information in seconds rather than waste hours looking for misfiled information across multiple locations and formats.

Advanced Search

The Calvert range of solutions allow users to search based on both index meta data and full text document content. The advanced search engine functionalities allow for the search of words which have been misspelled, synonyms or terms in multiple languages.

Access Anywhere

Access your information anywhere, anytime. Whether you are working in the office, from home or you are on the road, if you have the appropriate permissions, you will have access to the information you need at the touch of a button. This could be through a desktop client application, a web browser or a mobile application.

Search within Existing Systems

Activate codeless integration to your existing line of business applications. With a user-friendly keystroke, you can retrieve the relevant information from your digital document repository without leaving the application.

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