Information Capture

Transform how you receive and process information from paper to a digital format. Whether from scanners, file, system, mobile, email or cloud, Calvert provide solutions for the capture and classification of documentation which automatically extracts the key information to reduce manual data input

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Use OCR technology to reduce manual data input for repetitive work tasks like order processing or accounts payable. Once the paper document has been converted to a readable digital format, zonal OCR provides a method to instantly export processed metadata to your line of business applications and databases.

Barcode Recognition

Adding a barcode to a printed document before scanning makes the routing of the digital version to the correct person or location without any thought or user intervention. The reading of content stored in the barcode enables document separation and the automatic indexing of batches of files.

Intelligent Capture

Evolution from capturing single fixed zones of data and barcodes to multiple locations which change depending on the source and format of the document increases automation. The captured data and document workflow can be automatically validated against existing data sources with any errors or concerns highlighted and corrected by an operator.


eForms allow organisations to capture and process information in real time without the need for paper and manual data entry. eForms can change dynamically based on the previous responses provided and they can make simple calculations. This allows information to be easily captured while on the move, processed and automatically sent to the right person or location.

Electronic Document Import

If your information is already electronic, it is easy to import and index without any user intervention. Documents created by your existing back office systems, Microsoft Office applications or which are received via email can be indexed via customised profiles saving time and reducing the risk of error.

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