Canon Launch Therefore™ 2021

Publication Date

This updated version of Canon’s Information Management Solution, Therefore™ and its cloud based companion Therefore™ Online are now live and includes exciting features that help you connect with more services and make work flow.
NEW -Therefore™ Smart Capture

Therefore™ Smart Capture is a solution to simplify your invoice handling. Automatically pull information from any invoice without manual keying.
NEW – Therefore™ Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Therefore™ now integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for improved information flow. Save documents with drag and drop, automatically save from Therefore™ to Business Central, approve in Therefore™ and pay in Business Central!
NEW – Additional eSignature Providers

The existing integrations with eSignature providers have been expanded in Therefore™ 2021. Building on the existing integration with the eSignature providers DocuSign, YouSign, and SimpleSign, Therefore™ 2021 introduces integrations with Scrive, Sinatura, Skribble, PleaseSign, VismaSign, and AdobeSign.
UPDATED – Dynamic Web View

The Therefore™ Dynamic Web Viewer has been enhanced with new features for users accessing through a web client. These include Case Management, Ad-hoc ‘Tasks’, Smart, Capture Verification and Calculated Fields giving users functionality previously only available with the traditional Therefore client

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