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Reduce the cost of processing invoices by up to 80%



Do countless hours spent processing invoices, wasting valuable time and resource, frustrate you? Calvert provides a cloud-based automated AP system that will remove this frustration.


Our AP system is a smart, powerful, cloud-based Accounts Payable Automation solution that reduces the cost of processing invoices by up to 80%. This customer centric automated process saves time and effort, giving you greater flexibility and control over supplier invoices and statements. Supporting remote working, it offers total visibility throughout the process and enables full knowledge approval for every stage. No more lost invoices, data entry and account hold errors, lost VAT reclaims and unnecessary over-payments.


How does it work? It’s very simple – we route your supplier invoices from the inbound email and process them directly into your accounting package. No more sorting through post, printing invoices, sending them for approval or matching them to the purchase orders.


SmartOffice CEO, Paul Martin, stated: “We are delighted to partner with Calvert, a company that shares our vision of helping SMEs to free themselves from the shackles of manual invoice processing.”

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